About Physio Control

Founded in 1955, Dr. Karl William Edmark formed Physio Control Inc, based out of Seattle, USA after inventing the DC defibrillator during experiments which tested the electronic means to halt death during sudden cardiac arrest.

His initial defibrillator design was a prototype ‘breadboard’ defibrillator whereby the device was powered on AC power which was followed up in 1959 with the first Heartbeat Indicator. The indicator was used to detect the exact moment of a heart’s failure leading to the development of the first commercially marketed external pacemaker in 1960.

The following year, Edmark performed his first successful DC defibrillation on a human heart and the Edmark Pulse Defibrillator is developed from the original prototype DC defibrillator. In 1968 the company their ’90-day-wonder’, by designing, testing and manufacturing their Lifepak 33 defibrillator/monitor as the first stand-alone, portable AED  which weighed in at around 33lbs.

In more recent times, the Lifepak CR Plus defibrillator unit was introduced in 2002 and made it easy for untrained first responders to use a defibrillator device to help save the life of someone in cardiac arrest.

In 2009, Physio Control launched the Lifepak 15 monitor/defibrillator as became the new standard in emergency care. The device included first to the market integrated carbon monoxide monitoring, new CPR metronome and an improved operating platform and tough exterior.

The Physio Control Lifepak series are used by over 70% of ambulance trusts, which to us, proves that they are one of the most trusted AED manufacturers in the world. Their defibrillator range is easy to use for both professionals and untrained first responders making them an ideal solution for any public access defibrillator needs.

Whichever defibrillator from Physio Control you choose, you are ensuring the most effective rescue process will be delivered as you are using one of the top units on the market.