Meet the Team

Ever since day one, defibshop has strived for excellence in everything we do and this is reflected in our consistent implementation of WISE Values.

World Class: We understand the bigger picture and are committed to providing excellent customer service from the first contact our customers have with us and throughout our continuing relationship.

Integrity: Our high standards are at the core of what we do and are what set us apart from our competitors. Conducting ourselves with honesty, professionalism and courtesy is paramount to who we are and what we do.

Supportive: The people who make up our organisation are essential to our success; which is why we work as hard as we can to fully support them in both personal and professional capacities.

Excellence: For us, excellence is evident in both our team and in our service. All our colleagues have a strong work ethic and a real passion for their role – helping us to continue being the most excellent service provider out there. 

David Howarth

Chief Executive

As Chief Executive, I'm proud of the courses we teach as one of the UK's leading training organisations.

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Lyndsey Hope

Managing Director

As the Managing Director, I strive to continue building the business, its great reputation and its year on year growth with the help of our committed and knowledgeable team.

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Joanna Garner

Financial Controller

As the business's Financial Controller, I am responsible for the efficiency and results of the Finance department.

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Emma Lloyd

Creative and Marketing Manager

My main goal is to drive the business forward through brand awareness and online marketing activity.

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Kath Parr


I am the accounts department manager and I make sure the companies finances are running smoothly.

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Millie McDonagh

defibshop Manager

I oversee the defibshop sales team and help them develop their skills as Product Specialists.

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Lindsay Atherton

Vice President of Sales for defibshop USA

I manage the defibshop team and ensure that our customers receive the best level of service possible.

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Jana Jassova

HR Officer

I ensure that all employees are happy within their roles and the company is compliant to various laws.

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Frank Cross

Medical Director

Frank is a consultant general and vascular surgeon. 

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Keith Webb

AED Product Specialist

As part of the sales team, I ensure all organisations are aware of the benefits of access to a defibrillator on site.

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James Brown

AED Product Specialist

My role involves contacting new businesses to spread the word about the benefits of a rescue ready workplace.

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Faye Thetford

Training and Quality Manager

I manage and support the trainers with their needs and internally verify completed course paperwork.

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Amy Lyon

Training Co-ordinator

I ensure that our services are running smoothly and products are dispatched on time.

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Rebecca Watson


As an Administrator, I ensure that all the correct paperwork is sent to our trainers for their allocated training courses.

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Lisa Halden

AED Product Specialist

I assist defibshop customers with orders and enquiries as part of the sales team.

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Emily Jackson

AED Product Specialist

I aim to provide the outstanding customer service defibshop is known for and help build a rapport with our customers.

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Vicky Smith

AED Product Specialist

The main aspects of my role are helping customers with enquiries and processing orders.

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Victoria Burgess

Sales Administrator

As a Sales Administrator, I liase with customers at each and every stage of the buying process.

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Dariane Moore

Account Manager

I liaise with customers at all stages to ensure their needs are met promptly and professionally.

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Mark Hindmarch

Accounts Assistant

I ensure all payments are made on time and any payment queries are resolved as soon as possible.

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Amy Rush

Credit Controller

I work within the accounts department, managing and making sure payments are up to date.

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Jenny Brannan 

Creative and Marketing Co-ordinator

My role as a part of the creative team is to promote the defibshop brand using our social media platforms.

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Sarah McLoughlin

Creative and Marketing Assistant

As part of the Creative Team, my role is to promote defibshop through various social media platforms.

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Rio Bray

Creative and Marketing Assistant

My role is to help educate as many people as possible about sudden cardiac arrest and defibrillators.

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Rick Brewin

IT Systems & Salesforce Administrator

I ensure the business's IT systems are running smoothly and are consistently being updated and improved.

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James Brierley

Graphic Designer

My role as the Graphic Designer is to help create the brand identity that our customers will associate with defibshop.

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