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HeartSine defibrillator pads and accessories for devices. 

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Since 1998, HeartSine has been working to continually develop technology and products for the treatment of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). HeartSine is the pioneer of clinically advanced automated external defibrillators (AEDs) for the workplace, public access and home markets. 

HeartSine's samaritan PAD range of defibrillators are lightweight and boast the highest IP rating available on the defibrillator market. The easy-to-follow graphic interface allows responders of all levels to act during an emergency, with confidence. 

HeartSine, now part of Stryker, remain extremely vigilant and continue to invent clinically advanced AED technology designed for use by rescuers of all skill levelsThe addition of Gateway connectivity makes defibrillator maintenance easier than ever. 

A defibrillator combined with effective CPR, is the only definitive treatment for people who suffer a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Delivering treatment within 3-5 minutes increases the chance of survival from 6% to 74%. 

Why do electrode pads need replacing? 

Depending on the make and model of your defibrillator, the electrode pads have a shelf life ranging from 1-5 years. 

If used beyond the expiration date, the gel covering the pads are likely to be ineffective in adhering to the skin to analyse the heart and deliver a shock if one is required. 

Why does a defibrillator need a replacement battery? 

Batteries have a shelf life of 2-7 years depending on what make and model your defibrillator is. 

Batteries power the unit to carry out regular self-tests to ensure your defibrillator remains in working order, as well as the ability to deliver a potentially life-saving shock to a person in cardiac arrest. 

More Information 

Whether or not you have purchased your defibrillator or accessories from us previously, we can still remind you when your products are coming up for expiration when you register your expiry dates as part of our FREE Battery and Pad Reminder Service.  

To learn more about our range of HeartSine consumables, get in touch with our friendly & knowledgeable team by calling 0161 776 7422. Alternatively, fill out our Contact Us form and we'll respond to you as soon as possible. 

What is the charging time for a HeartSine electrode pad?

A HeartSine electrode pad will be charged at 150 Joules in less than 8 seconds and by 12 seconds it will be charged at 200 Joules.

What is the capacity of the Pad-Pak battery?

An electrode Pad-Pak has a battery with the capacity of 18V and 1.4 amp-hours, or 60 shocks at 200 Joules.

Do HeartSine manufacture adult and child electrode pads?

The Pad Pak HeartSine offer includes an electrode pad and battery in one easy cartridge. The maintenance is simple to remember as there is only one expiry date. Defibshop offers the exclusive adult and pediatric bundle.

Does defibshop stock HeartSIne training equipment?

Yes, at defibshop we stock the Samaritan PAD trainer defibrillation pads, which are to be used exclusively with the Heartsine Samaritan PAD training unit. Our set of ten replacement Samaritan Pad ensures that the trainee is fully equipped and educated in CPR. These replacement pads are designed to match the clinical pads as closely as possible to increase the training experience. The HeartSine training Pads are designed with clear and bold images to help the learner place the pads correctly, they can be used on any first aid training manikin.