Annual AED Service

Only £198.60 £165.50
When you order an Annual AED Service online, our customer service team will be in touch to arrange an appointment.

Our Annual AED Service is available to anyone who owns a defibrillator.

A member of our service team will attend your premises and carry out physical and visual checks on your defibrillator.

The comprehensive checks include:

  • A visual check to ensure that the unit has full functionality and the is no damage to the case, screen, buttons and connections.
  • Battery and pad check for installation date and when replacements are due
  • A check of the pad terminal to make sure it is functioning and clear of debris
  • Confirmation that the pads attached are suitable to the model and in good condition
  • A check to see if the defibrillator will administer a shock correctly - unit is connected to a simulator which produces a simulated heart wave. The defibrillator must administer a shock, at the right energy level, when appropriate (shockable heart rhythm, VF or VT) and not administer a shock when appropriate (no heart rhythm) to pass the test.