Finance a Defibrillator

Have you been looking at buying a defibrillator but feel that your budget doesn’t quite stretch enough to be able to commit to buy? 

Well at defibshop, we know that money can be tight from time to time and buying a defibrillator outright might not be the best or most efficient way to make your environment heart safe. 

Therefore we have launched our ‘finance a defibrillator’ programme which helps companies, perhaps on a smaller budget, to pay with a fixed and manageable monthly payment, irrespective of interest rate fluctuations and other economic changes.

What are the benefits of Finance?

If you’re unsure which defibrillator you should be looking at purchasing, you can call one of our friendly team who will assess your environment and will offer impartial advice as to which defibrillator is best for you as different defibs are better suited to certain locations.

All payments are fixed for the term of the agreement, allowing you to budget and monitor cash flow projections giving you peace of mind.

  • Finance options range from 3-5 years (but alternate deals can be negotiated)
  • Pay for your defibrillator as it works for you.

Why do I need a defibrillator?

If you’re reading this page, then you are exploring all your options before potentially buying a defibrillator. And that’s great news.

Immediate CPR and defibrillation is the only form of treatment for someone who has suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Without immediate help, a person who has suffered an SCA loses approximately 10% of their chances of survival for every minute passing.

When effective CPR and defibrillation is provided to an SCA victim, survival chances can increase from 6% to 74% whilst defibrillation inside 60 seconds can see survival chances hit 90%.

Defibrillators are easy to use and have visual or audio instructions available when being used to walk you through the process. They can also come as Automatic units (you attach the pads in the right place and the defib does the rest) and Semi Automatic units (you push a button to deliver a shock once the unit has analysed the person).

Finance sounds good?

Fancy financing one of our defibrillators? Call one of the defibshop team today on 0845 071 0830 and we can arrange everything so that you get your life-saving defibrillator as soon as possible.

Or you can order online by heading to our defibrillator page, select the defibrillator which you think best suits your needs and next to the ‘Buy Now’ option there is ‘Apply Now’, which will give you the monthly and weekly price of financing one of our defibs. 

Feel like you need to learn a bit more before you finance a defibrillator? Why not check out some of our brand new FAQ videos which may help you out. We also have a Buyers Guide available which may help you narrow down your defibrillator choices before you look to finance a defibrillator.