Physio Control LIFEPAK 15 Semi Automatic Monitor Defibrillator CORE Spec

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Designed for trained medical professionals, this AED contains everything needed to save a life quickly and effectively. With six operating modes, the Lifepak 15 allows the user to operate the defibrillator in various modes.

Key Defibrillator Features

  • Full LCD colour screen with a one touch, dual screen mode benefitting from SunVue mode available depending on surrounding light and glare
  • Designed with efficiency in mind with a built in handle with shock absorbers for cushioning and is big enough for two gloved hands to fit for easy transportation
  • ADAPTIV biphasic technology provides escalating shock levels dependant on patient requirements, up to 360 joules
  • CPR metronome and audible CPR feedback tool to assist the first responder through the rescue process
  • Durable and long lasting batteries which provide power for up to three hours
  • IP rating of 44 meaning high protection against dust and water

What are the main features of the Physio Control LIFEPAK 15 Monitor Defibrillator?

The Physio Control LIFEPAK 15 semi-automatic monitor defibrillator is an excellent device for use in the event of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The defibrillator is designed to be easily transported, and with an IP rating of 44, the AED is protected from any damage from dust or water. Other features include the built-in CPR metronome and voice prompts that assist any user during treatment, batteries that can deliver up to three hours of power, and ADAPTIV biphasic technology that escalates shock levels. 

How much does the Physio Control LIFEPAK 15 Monitor Defibrillator weigh?

The Physio Control LIFEPAK 15 Monitor Defibrillator is designed to be transported quickly in an emergency. The device weighs 8.6 kg and has a handle with shock absorbers. The handle's efficient design allows the device to be gripped with two hands, with or without gloves. When responding to someone in Sudden Cardiac Arrest, it is critical to act quickly. The Physio Control LIFEPAK 15 Monitor Defibrillator is designed to reduce the time it takes to reach a casualty. 

What is the advantage of the dual-mode LCD screen with SunVue?

The dual-mode LCD screen with SunVue technology lets the device switch from full colour to high contrast. The big screen is 8.4 inches (diagonally), and the full-colour display allows for optimal viewing from any angle.

Is the Physio Control LIFEPAK 15 Monitor Defibrillator covered under warranty?

Yes, the Physio Control LIFEPAK 15 Monitor Defibrillator is covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. It is essential to care for your device as per the user manual to avoid voiding your warranty.