Defibtech Lifeline Semi Automatic AED

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Defibtech Lifeline Semi Automatic AED

In stock

Only £1,078.80 £899.00

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    Please Note: This product is not due in stock until 15/04/2021.

    Defibtech's Lifeline AED provides assistance to both trained and untrained users during every stage of the rescue process. The simplistic design ensures users feel confident in the treatment they're delivering. *FREE upgrade to 7 year battery*

    Key Defibrillator Features

    • Bright status indicator shows you the Lifeline is ready to provide life-saving care
    • Clear verbal instructions guide you through each step of the rescue process
    • Preconnected electrode pads easily apply to the patient to administer treatment
    • Self-contained defibrillator
    • Rubberised sides protect the unit from impact damage
    • Carry handle for easy transportation
    • Carries out automatic diagnostic tests
    • IP54 Rating