ZOLL AED Plus Semi Automatic Hospitality Package

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The ZOLL AED Plus hospitality package includes everything needed to respond to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest in a hospitality setting.

Key Features

  • Large graphics to guide users through the rescue process
  • Clear voice and visual prompts 
  • Real CPR Help Technology
  • CPR feedback and metronome to ensure CPR delivery consistency 
  • Built-in automatic self-test function making sure the unit is always ready to rescue
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ZOLL AED Plus Semi Automatic Hospitality Package

In stock

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    For further information about this product, get in touch with a member of our team on 0161 776 7422.

    Is the ZOLL AED Plus Semi-Automatic Hospitality Package suitable for all hospitable environments?

    Yes. because of its semi-automatic nature, the ZOLL AED Plus can be used by rescuers with little to no medical training. The AED will instruct the rescuer when to press a button to shock the patient. We recommend registering for a CPR and resuscitation training course if you need further training.

    Why is it essential for hospitality venues to provide defibrillation?

    Defibrillators are not required in hospitality establishments by law. Any organisation are now opting to purchase an AED because research shows that having a defibrillator nearby and using it within a 3 to 5-minute time frame significantly increases the chances of survival following a sudden cardiac arrest.

    Does the ZOLL AED Plus Semi-Automatic Hospitality Package come with educational resources?

    Our exclusive Hospitality Package includes an AED Armors A4 ‘How to use a defibrillator’ poster. The large graphics are provided to guide users through the rescue process. Both trained and untrained responders will be able to understand the step-by-step guide.

    Can the ZOLL AED Plus Semi-Automatic be easily transported?

    Yes, our ZOLL AED Plus Semi-Automatic Hospitality Package includes a carry case; the soft case is lightweight and easily moved from one building area to another. It enables you to respond as quickly as possible. If you buy a defibrillator, you want to know that it is weatherproof. When water and dust come into contact with a defibrillator, it can cause the unit to malfunction. The carry case will protect your defibrillator from external dangers.

    More Information

    More Information
    Connectivity None
    FDA Approved Yes
    Warranty 5 years - extending to 7 when registered with manufacturer
    IP Rating 55
    Defib Brand ZOLL
    Semi/Fully Automatic Semi Automatic
    Battery Life 5 years
    Energy Delivery Escalating
    Manual Override No
    Memory 7 hours
    Pad Life Up to 5 years
    Dangerous Goods No