ZOLL AED Plus Fully Automatic Hospitality Package

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The ZOLL AED Plus hospitality package includes everything needed to respond to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest in a hospitality setting.

Key Features

  • Large graphics to guide users through the rescue process
  • Clear voice and visual prompts 
  • Real CPR Help Technology
  • CPR feedback and metronome to ensure CPR delivery consistency 
  • Built-in automatic self-test function making sure the unit is always ready to rescue
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ZOLL AED Plus Fully Automatic Hospitality Package

In stock

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    Is it a legal requirement for Hospitality venues to have defibrillators?

    Currently, no legislation states that AEDS must be provided in any location in the UK. Hospitality venues do not legally have to provide a defibrillator in the case of a cardiac emergency. Still, it is recommended as best practice to ensure the safety of your staff and customers visiting your establishment.

    Even in the absence of the law, people are becoming increasingly aware of the need for public access defibrillators. According to The British Heart Foundation, 30,000 people experience a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) outside of the hospital each year. When a defibrillator is utilised within 5 minutes of collapse, survival rates for these individuals increased from 6% to 74%.

    To avoid putting customers and employees in danger of an SCA, ensure you have ZOLL AED Plus Fully Automatic Hospitality Package on hand. 

    Will workers need defibrillation training?

    The ZOLL AED Plus Fully Automatic defibrillator does all the life-saving treatment for you and can be used without prior training by both staff and the general public. 

    We recommend that if your staff do not feel comfortable using an AED, taking part in a training course may result in quicker deployment of treatment. If you combine online training courses, instructor-led courses and defibrillator manikins, your staff's confidence in first-aid will increase.

    How can the defibrillator be located?

    Our hospitality package includes numerous graphics and signs that ensure the location of the ZOLL AED Plus is known and memorable. The signs can be placed inside and outside— demonstrating to the general public that the building holds a defibrillator

    Due to the eye-catching colour of the ZOLL AED Plus, it is quickly located during a cardiac emergency. With the extra supplies in this unique hospitality bundle, you'll always be ready for rescue.

    What happens if there is damage to the ZOLL AED Plus Semi-Automatic defibrillator?

    You get a 7-year warranty and an operator's manual with your ZOLL Office bundle. The basic warranty for your ZOLL AED Plus will rise from 5 to 7 years if you register it with ZOLL.

    More Information

    More Information
    Connectivity None
    FDA Approved Yes
    Warranty 5 year warranty - can be extended to 7 when registered with the manufacturer
    IP Rating 55
    Defib Brand ZOLL
    Semi/Fully Automatic Fully Automatic
    Battery Life 5 years
    Energy Delivery Escalating
    Manual Override No
    Memory 7 hours
    Pad Life Up to 5 years
    Dangerous Goods No