Primedic HeartSave Y Semi-Automatic Defibrillator

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The HeartSave Y is the ideal AED for every first responder and lay user. Short and concise voice instructions support you safely throughout CPR, supported by a metronome. The device decides completely independently whether a life-saving shock is required or not. This is only enabled by the device if it is really necessary. As a user, you are therefore always on the safe side that no shock can be accidentally triggered.

  • Adaptive user guidance of the AED, which can adapt to the user's working speed to optimize the CPR procedure.
  • Child mode at the touch of a button - so there are none in an emergency special children's electrodes required
  • Daily self-test with permanent status display for functional readiness, battery status, electrodes.
  • Documentation of each operation - ECG, events, key actuations, measured values, technical data.
  • Automatic activation of the AED when the device cover is opened for the fastest possible commissioning
  • Carry handle battery ensures the device is easily transportable
  • Multi Lingual selection button (English & Welsh)

More Information

More Information
Warranty 6 Years
IP Rating IP55
Defib Brand Primedic
Semi/Fully Automatic Semi Automatic
Battery Life 5 years
Memory 10 hours
Dimensions 29.6 cm x 22.0 cm x 9.7 cm
Product Weight 2.2kg
FDA Approved No
Dangerous Goods No