CU Medical Systems iPAD SP1 and SP2 Adult Electrode Pads (1 set)

Only £57.00 £47.50

Known as SMART electrode pads, these can be used on both adults and children during an emergency and the shock delivered will change to be suitable for the patient's needs. Ref no. CUA1007S. Save money by purchasing 2 sets, ensure you always have a spare set of electrode pads with our iPAD SP1 and SP2 adult pad bundle.

Key Features

  • SMART electrode pad technology allows the pads to be used on both adults and children
  • Protective foil packaging ensures the pads are kept clean and secure prior to use
  • Pre-connected by design, saving valuable time in an emergency
  • For use with iPAD SP1 or SP2 units
  • Shelf-life of 24-36 months
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