Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Adult Defibrillation Electrodes (1 set)

Only £52.80 £44.00

Designed for use with the Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 and G3 Elite defibrillators. These Adult Defibrillation Electrodes are easy to use and pre-connected; allowing you to effectively focus on the rescue process during an emergency situation. Save money by purchasing 2 sets and ensure you always have a spare set of electrode pads with our G3 pad bundle.

Key Features

  • Preconnected pads are ready to help save a life
  • Easy to open foil packet keeps the pads safe and secure
  • Clear images on the pads indicate where to place on the patient
  • The AEDs self-test feature ensures the pads are in good working order
  • Super sticky adhesive ensures the pads will not move during the rescue process