Heroes For Life

The ZOLL Heroes For Life program has been designed to raise awareness of sudden cardiac arrest, celebrate the survivors and recognise their unexpected heroes. Not only will this program help celebrate those involved in the events, it will help ensure more defibrillators are accessible in the public domain. Also, it gives the community to chance to recognise and celebrate the customer who originally purchased the life-saving device that helped save a life

Celebrating the Survivors

As part of the Heroes For Life program, sudden cardiac arrest survivors have the opportunity to pay it forward by donating a ZOLL AED Plus defibrillator to a charity of their choice*. Donating a life-saving device helps to highlight the need for more defibrillators in the public domain, and in the future it could help to save another life.

The program welcomes the opportunity of the local press getting involved to further highlight the need for more AEDs and will help the community to recognise the brave act the unexpected hero performed while saving a life. With the survivor's permission, they can be brought together with their hero and be provided with the opportunity to thank them.

Reporting a Save

Save stories can be reported by either the survivor or an unexpected hero. To report a save, the reporter needs to head to https://heroesforlife.zoll.com and fill out the 'Share Your Story' form. You will be asked:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Location of SCA
  • Date of SCA
  • Briefly Share your SCA Story
  • Who was Involved in the Rescue
  • Best date/time for ZOLL to get in touch
  • Confirmation that a ZOLL AED was used during the rescue

After Confirmation of the Save

After the save has been confirmed and the participants have been successfully identified, ZOLL will get in touch to present the relevant parties to present them with their recognition awards. The following displays what each party will receive:

  • Unexpected Heroes: Pin and certificate
  • Survivor: Pin, AED to donate to charity*
  • EMS/ First Responder: Coin or Pin, Certificate
  • End-User: Pin, Co-Branded Certificate with ZOLL and Distributor Logo, Letter


What if someone doesn't want to share their story?

No one is obligated to share their story, it is just an opportunity if they would like to participate

Can I still recognise the heroes?

Of course! Those who stepped in to help or the end-user who invested in the defibrillator can always be recognised.

Can the survivors still get a donation?

Survivors can only get a defibrillator to donate if they are willing to share their story. It is a way to help educate others about the importance of CPR and having an AED.

What if we don't know who the EMS people are?

That's ok. You can recognise the people you do know were involved. The program is flexible and you can execute pieces of it independently of others.


*Please note: the donation of a ZOLL AED Plus is only possible if permission is grated to create a save story and market it.