defibshop’s Brand Ambassador; Introducing Zoe Gillings-Brier

Zoe Gillings-Brier is Great Britain’s Number 1 Snowboard Cross athlete and has competed at the last three Winter Olympics in Turin, Vancouver and Sochi.

She has achieved seven World Cup podiums and has earned multi-national titles throughout her career in spite of a potentially career ending injury in 2005 when she shattered all the mid bones in her left foot.

Zoe, who is based in Leeds for seven months of the year and Chatel, France for the other five months, was awarded the British Olympic Association’s ‘Athlete of the Year’ award in 2008/09 for Snow Sport and has ranked at no.1 in the world rankings for Snowboard Cross.

She is now hard at work preparing for the 2018 Winter Olympic tournament in Pyeong Chang.

As a brand ambassador for defibshop, Zoe aims to raise awareness of both cardiac arrest in sport and in everyday life, and as we practise what we preach, we have supplied Zoe with 2 life-saving defibrillators to protect her and her team at all levels; whether that be at home, competitions or practice.

Zoe said: “I love my sport and I put everything that I have into it to increase my performance. Even though I am young, fit and healthy I still recognise the need for a defibrillator, especially when training at the highest level of intensity.”

“I think that defibrillators should be made widely available in public areas too.”

We’re a big believer in building strong and lasting relationships with everyone we work with, so we’ll be keeping up to date with Zoe’s events and daily happenings and sharing every step of our journey together with you.

To see more about Zoe, you can head to our blog, find us on twitter or visit Zoe's website

For a victim of cardiac arrest, the use of a defibrillator and effective CPR is the only definitive treatment, and should be administered in the first 3-5 minutes following collapse to give a real chance of survival. To find out more about defibrillators and cardiac arrest, you can see our FAQs page or check out our youtube channel for more videos.