Polycarbonate Outdoor Bleed Control Cabinet Unlocked

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Red high impact polycarbonate.  This top quality bleed kit cabinet is fully waterproof and dust tight so perfect for the UK climate! Built in motion sensing LED lighting that can be removed.

Key Features

  • IP66 rating, sealed against high pressure water hoses and dust
  • Suitable for coastal locations
  • Fully corrosion resistant in UV stabilised high impact polycarbonate, the same material used in Police riot shields. The UV resistance protects against the harmfull effects of the sun. They are also rated to UL94V0 which means they will not support a fire and are self extinguishing, do not give off toxic fumes.
  • Turn handle for easy access
  • Internal hook
  • Large viewing window allows you to see the bleed kit is present
  • Internal hinges that do not allow for external tampering
  • Double skin clamshell design provides additional insulation in cold weathers
  • Drain valve in bottom of cabinet

More Information

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What is a Polycarbonate Outdoor Bleed Cabinet? 

A Polycarbonate Outdoor Bleed Cabinet is a durable, weather-resistant enclosure designed specifically to store emergency bleed control kits. Constructed from high-impact polycarbonate, these cabinets provide excellent protection against environmental elements, ensuring the safety and accessibility of the bleed control kits they house.

What are the key features of an Unlocked Polycarbonate Outdoor Bleed Cabinet? 

Key features of these polycarbonate bleed cabinets include:

  • IP66 rating for complete waterproof and dust-tight protection
  • UV-stabilised polycarbonate construction to resist sun damage
  • Corrosion resistance, making them suitable for coastal and other harsh environments
  • Internal hooks and large viewing windows for easy status checks of the kit
  • Double-skinned for better insulation during cold weather
  • Some models come with internal motion-sensing LED lights and thermostatically controlled heaters

Can the Outdoor Bleed Cabinet be installed anywhere? 

Yes, these outdoor bleed cabinets are highly versatile in terms of installation. They come with detailed installation instructions and fixing kits, allowing for wall, pole, or fence mounting. Additionally, they do not require an electrical supply, which makes them suitable for a wide range of locations.

Are Polycarbonate Outdoor Bleed Cabinets suitable for all weather conditions?

Yes, Polycarbonate Outdoor Bleed Cabinets are built to endure severe weather conditions. They are fully waterproof and dustproof, with an IP66 rating and internal features designed to prevent condensation and keep the contents in optimal condition.

More Information

More Information
Warranty 10 Years (on cabinet shell)
IP Rating 66
Dimensions 465 x 435 x 240mm
FDA Approved No
Dangerous Goods No