Defibtech Lifeline ECG Semi Automatic AED

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Defibtech Lifeline ECG Semi Automatic AED

In stock

Only £2,274.00 £1,895.00

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    Equipped with ECG monitoring, the Lifeline ECG allows professionals to further tailor the treatment being delivered to the casualty's needs, providing them with a higher chance of survival.

    Key Defibrillator Features

    • Portable
    • Durable 
    • Lightweight
    • Up to 30 Hours of ECG and Event Data Storage or up to 3 Hours of Audio Data
    • Full Colour, High Resolution LCD Instruction Video Screen
    • Built-in metronome to help provide efficient CPR
    • Real-time protocol selection to switch between shock therapy and CPR
    • One-touch status screen lets you know the defibrillator is ready
    • 2 Operational Modes (AED & ECG)
    • Up-to-the-minute information on maintenance of the unit if required
    • Easy to update with USB cable or a data card as protocols change over time
    • Records all analysed heart data for medical staff
    • 'Drop tested’ to US Military standards