Defibrillator Inspection Tag (Pack of 5)

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AED Armor Defibrillator Inspection Tag
Defibrillator Inspection Tag (Pack of 5)

In stock

Only £11.99 £9.99

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    AED Armor's defibrillator inspection tags are designed to aid defibrillator maintenance, ensuring the defibrillator guardian stays on top of the necessary checks.

    They can be attached to the relevant defibrillator so they are always on hand when a check takes place.

    • 5x AED Armor Defibrillator Inspection Tags
    • Dimensions H:130mm W:85mm
    • Printed on Polypropylene with hole punched in top left hand corner 

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    What is the purpose of the Defibrillator Inspection Tag?

    The defibrillator inspection tag helps in maintaining a regular and documented check on the defibrillator's state. By using the tag, those responsible for the maintenance of the defibrillator, often referred to as defibrillator guardians, can ensure that the device is always in a ready-to-rescue state. 

     How do I use the Defibrillator Inspection Tags?

    To use the defibrillator inspection tags, record the details of each maintenance check directly on the tag attached to the defibrillator. It helps in keeping an updated record of the defibrillator's condition over time, enhancing safety and preparedness in emergency situations.

    How do I attach the inspection tags to the defibrillator?

    The inspection tags are designed with a hole punched in the top left-hand corner, allowing for easy attachment to the defibrillator. You can use a zip tie, a cable, or any other secure method to attach the tag to the defibrillator, ensuring it remains in place and is readily available for recording maintenance details.

     Can I write on the inspection tags with any type of pen?

    While it is possible to write on the inspection tags with most types of pens, it is recommended to use a permanent marker to ensure the writings are clear and durable over time, resisting smudging or fading.

    What kind of information is generally recorded on an inspection tag?

    Generally, an inspection tag is used to record vital details regarding the defibrillator's maintenance. This includes:

    • The date of the inspection
    •  The condition of the defibrillator
    • Any maintenance actions undertaken, such as changing of pads or batteries
    • The name or initials of the person who carried out the inspection

    This helps in keeping a structured record of the maintenance history, assuring that the defibrillator is well-maintained and ready for emergency use at all times.


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    Defib Brand AED Armor
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