AED Armor Polycarbonate Outdoor No Lock Cabinet with heating and lighting

Only £618.00 £515.00

AED Armor's polycarbonate cabinet offers a secure storage option to house your defibrillator. The permanently lit feature ensures your device does not go unnoticed in an emergency. The approximate cost of running the permanent light within the cabinet could be up to £2.55 per month.

 Key Features

  • IP66 rating
  • NEW Permanent Internal Light - Acts as a beacon in low-light locations to help find the defibrillator
  • Suitable for coastal locations
  • Fully corrosion resistant
  • Battery-powered or mains-powered LED lighting
  • Suitable for telephone box placement
  • Fire retardant
  • UV stabilised
  • Thermostatically controlled heating
  • Motion sensor LED
  • Lightweight

Custom vinyl is available on orders of 10 units or more.

This appliance is class 2 double insulated and therefore does not require an earth

Please Note: it is recommended that this cabinet is hardwired in by an electrician, a 3 pin plug is not included.

More Information

For further information about this product, get in touch with a member of our team on 0161 776 7422.

Can the lighting in the AED Armor Polycarbonate Outdoor No Lock Cabinet help in locating the defibrillator in low-light locations?

Yes, the cabinet features a new permanent internal light that acts as a beacon in low-light locations, helping responders locate the defibrillator easily and quickly during emergencies. The cabinet also includes additional motion sensor LED lighting.

Is the AED Armor Polycarbonate Outdoor No Lock Cabinet suitable for installation in different environments, including coastal areas?

Yes, the cabinet is designed to be placed in a variety of environments, including coastal areas. Its materials are corrosion-resistant, promising durability and longevity even in areas with corrosive salty air like the beach or coast.

What are the power options available for the lighting in the AED Armor Polycarbonate Outdoor No Lock Cabinet?

The lighting in the cabinet can be powered either through a battery or by being hardwired to the mains. However, it is recommended to have the cabinet hardwired by a professional electrician for safety and compliance with electrical standards.

What is included in the purchase of an AED Armor Polycarbonate Outdoor No Lock Cabinet with heating and lighting?

When purchasing the AED Armor Polycarbonate Outdoor No Lock Cabinet with heating and lighting, you will receive:

  • The Cabinet: built to protect your AED from environmental factors
  • Fixing Kit: aiding in the installation process
  • Installation and Maintenance Guide: providing step-by-step instructions to set up your cabinet correctly
    10-Year Warranty: assuring the durability and longevity of your cabinet, giving you peace of mind for a long period.

How do I know which AED Armor Polycarbonate Cabinet is the right one for me?

Determining the right AED Armor Polycarbonate Cabinet for you involves considering several factors:

  • Location: Analyse the environmental conditions where the cabinet will be placed. The cabinet is UV-stabilised and corrosion-resistant, making it suitable for various outdoor locations, including coastal areas. If you want to keep your AED indoors, an indoor wall cabinet would be better suited.
  • Visibility: If the cabinet will be in a low-light location, choose one with a permanent internal light to aid in locating the defibrillator during emergencies.
  • Safety: You may want to consider a cabinet with a lock or an alarm setting, depending on your location.
    Budget: Factor in your budget while ensuring the cabinet meets all your needs.

Explore our options and choose a cabinet that best fits your requirements.


More Information

More Information
Warranty 10 year warranty
Defib Brand AED Armor
Brand Suitability Universal
FDA Approved No
Dangerous Goods No