This store is equipped with a defibrillator A5 Window Sticker

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Alert people of the presence of a defibrillator with AED Armor's 'equipped with' A5 sticker range.

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What is the 'This Store is Equipped with a Defibrillator' A5 Window Sticker?

The 'This Store is Equipped with a Defibrillator' A5 Window Sticker is a visible notice that can be placed on a window of your store to indicate that a defibrillator is available on the premises for emergency use in case of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Displaying this sticker could potentially save lives as it informs everyone that the life-saving equipment is on hand, allowing for prompt response during a Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Where in the store should the A5 defibrillator window sticker be placed?

The ‘This Store is Equipped with a Defibrillator’ sticker should be positioned on a window near the main entrance or in another prominent location. In placing the sticker in a highly visible location, it can be easily seen by both staff and customers inside the store, as well as by passersby outside.

Is the ‘This Store is Equipped with a Defibrillator’ A5 Window Sticker suitable for any shop or store?

Yes, the ‘This Store is Equipped with a Defibrillator’ sticker is universal and can be used in any retail environment, regardless of size or type. It is designed to alert anyone on the premises to the location of a defibrillator.

Who can use the defibrillator in the store?

Defibrillators are designed for public use with clear instructions so that even untrained bystanders can use them in a cardiac emergency.  We recommend that you train staff on the proper use of defibrillators; you can find our training courses directly on defibshop.

Is it mandatory to have the defibrillator sticker on display in the store?

While it is not legally mandatory to display a defibrillator sticker, it is highly recommended. Having the sticker displayed promotes awareness and ensures that in the event of a cardiac emergency, the defibrillator can be located as quickly as possible. Fast action is essential when responding to someone in Sudden Cardiac Arrest and having a sticker clearly locating the device could significantly reduce the time taken to deliver life-saving treatment.