About Schiller

Founded in 1974 by Alfred E. Schiller, the company became famous for producing the first ever pocket sized ECG devices and then defibrillators. They were so revolutionary that they were taken on board the ISS International Space Station – literally ‘out of this world’.

Their product range is mainly designed and manufactured in facilities based in Baar (Switzerland) and Wissembourg (France), ensuring that quality is embedded within their products within a close network of manufacturers.

Fully self-financed for more than 30 years, Schiller now has more than 1000 employees working within their 28 subsidiaries in 15 countries around the world. The company also manufacturers and designs electrocardiographs, long-term ECG and blood pressure recorders, spirometers, medical IT solutions and patient monitors.

The company has pledged that in spite of the continued growth the company has seen over the past few years, the size of the company is not as important to Schiller as its strength and quality of product created.

‘We depend on a team of motivated employees, on our creativity, on being open to new ideas, and having the courage to be pioneers.’ – www.schiller.ch

However, no matter what they create in the future, their legacy and flagship design will remain the pocket sized Schiller Fred Easyport Pocket defibrillator. A modern, full size portable defibrillator is an incredible technological feat by itself, so to manage to design and manufacture an AED which can fit in someone’s pocket is a remarkable achievement.

Their range of defibrillators include devices which are suitable for both medical professionals and untrained first responders, ensuring that Schiller can provide a defibrillator to suit anyone’s needs – no matter what level of first aid or medical training you have.

From the Fred Easy Life Fully Automatic AED with CPR Aid to the Fred Easyport Pocket defibrillator with Manual Override, Schiller have a product which suits your requirements.