About Primedic

Formed under the umbrella of German medical company Metrax, Primedic have been combining and advancing innovative medical research and technology since 1973 when they started producing life saving defibrillators under the Primedic name.

Made in Germany, Primedic produce premium quality products for emergency rescue personnel around the world. They provide high quality, efficient healthcare and cardiology equipment, all at a price that is as affordable for health professionals as it is for first responders and first aid beginners.

defibshop are proud to be the EXCLUSIVE UK distributor of the Primedic HeartSave PAD Semi Automatic defibrillator as the we believe the unit is one of the most user friendly interfaces on the market with a only a few buttons to operate and next to no delay in delivering lifesaving treatment from the moment the unit is switched on.

Further benefits to the HeartSave PAD Semi Automatic defibrillator is that at the flick of a switch, the unit can be changed to a ‘child mode’, allowing any first responder to be able to use the defibrillator on a child quickly – ensuring the best chances of survival.

Primedic pride themselves on producing products which will remain distinguished and in top condition throughout their life cycle, ensuring that their defibrillator products will work even in the toughest of conditions.

Primedic defibrillators are perfectly designed for users who have had no previous experience in handling an AEDs. This ensures that professional grade lifesaving treatment can be provided to a cardiac arrest patient no matter who the first responder is.

‘Save lives, pre­ser­ve health! Our thoughts and ac­tions are aimed at en­han­cing peop­le's health and well-being.’ – primedic.com