Philips HeartStart FR3 Semi Automatic Defibrillator

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Please note: this device has now been discontinued. Philips will support the Philips HeartStart FR3 AED with the compatible pads, batteries and other accessories available to order until April 30, 2025.

The HeartStart FR3 from Philips ensures the most effective treatment is delivered by responders to patient's, providing them with the highest chance of survival.

Key Defibrillator Features

  • Patient-specific guidance provided by the defibrillator 
  • Philips Quick Shock minimises CPR interruptions with speed-shock delivery
  • IP55 rating for great protection against dust and jetting water
  • Battery life for up to 300 shocks or 12 hours of monitoring
  • Performs daily, weekly and monthly automated self-tests
  • CPR Metronome keeps the beat for consistent chest compressions
  • SMART CPR evaluates the patient's post-arrest condition