Hand on Heart Charity

In March 2010 defibshop Chief Executive Dave Howarth founded the non-profit organisation Hand on Heart, a campaign to help equip schools with life-saving defibrillators to help combat against the statistics which see’s 12 young people die each week due to sudden cardiac arrest.

As a father of 4, Dave wanted to help make a difference and to educate schools on the life-saving precautions which could protect the lives of both pupils and teachers and so rallied the best in the business, alongside a board of enthusiastic Trustees to create a positive change in the schools throughout the UK.

Currently, 270 children die from cardiac arrest in school in the UK every year; a figure Hand on Heart (now a registered charity since 2012), is committed to reducing and thanks to the hard work put in by the Hand on Heart team, this goal becomes closer to being achieved every day.

Making a difference

So far, Hand on Heart has placed over 850 defibrillators into schools and sports clubs all over the UK. In addition to this, Hand on Heart have educated over 6,000 school staff in AED use and trained over 20,000 pupils in Basic Life Skills, skills which they can keep for life and build upon as they grow.

With active Campaigns in Salford, Trafford, Manchester and Kendal – the sky’s the limit for Hand on Heart as they stretch their charity far and wide to help equip as many schools as possible with life-saving devices and the skills to know how to act quickly and effectively in a medical emergency.

Hand on Heart’s passion for creating Heart Safe environments and educating children in vital first aid skills is infectious and ties hand in hand with our aim to bring first aid training into the National Curriculum.

By raising awareness of the importance of first aid in education, we can promote the effectiveness of fast action and treatment, helping to provide a better chance of survival whether an emergency was to occur on the school grounds, in a public location or even at home.

By helping schools to become equipped with life-saving equipment as well as providing life-saving lessons to both pupils and teachers, Hand on Heart’s work in educating the school system in these important skills is truly inspiring and one we believe deserves as much support as possible to help them reach out to schools further afield as they continue their work.

UK Heart Safe Awards

An awarding ceremony created exclusively by Hand on Heart Charity, the UK Heart Safe Awards are the UK’s leading national awards competition which celebrates organisations and employers who invest in the lives of their employees by equipping their workplaces with life-saving defibrillators.

In addition to this, the UK Heart Safe Awards seek out those who have acted courageously and used their first aid skills to help save the life of a cardiac arrest victim.

Never one to miss out on a party, for the last 4 years defibshop have been attendees of the UK Heart Safe Awards and proud sponsors of the “Lifesaver of the Year” category.

Attending this event provides nothing less than inspiration for the work we do and the awareness that we spread to help create safer communities and highlight the life-saving difference first aid skills can make.

To get involved through sponsorship or to nominate an organisation or an individual for a UK Heart Safe award, head to their website.

Get involved

Are inspired by the work of Hand on Heart Charity? Why not get involved and help to make a difference?

Whether you’d like to make a donation, fundraise at work or even run a marathon in their name – any contribution will help go towards making Heart Safe schools throughout the UK.

You can visit handonheart.org to learn more about the Hand on Heart charity and the passionate bunch behind it, or email enquiries@handonheart.org where you can get in touch with the team direct.