Faye Thetford

Training and Quality Manager

My role at imperative training and defibshop.co.uk is to primarily manage the trainers and be their first point of contact, as well as providing administrative support to the team and internal verification. 

Verifying the paperwork in-house is incredibly important to the company. It includes sampling the criteria to ensure the trainers are assessing the learners correctly to provide the best delivery of the course possible, and the learners can complete their assessments successfully.

In addition to this, I also process course certificates for our clients and sending out paperwork to trainers to ensure there is a high efficiency between clients, trainers and our office.

I really enjoy working at Imperative as it’s such a fun, and friendly company to work for. My role is very diverse and can be challenging at times, so it really gives me something to sink my teeth into. The team are also fantastic, so there is never a dull moment!

Got a question? You can send me an email at: faye.thetford@imperativetraining.com


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