End of Warranty - what do you do?

What does “End of Warranty” mean for my defib?

An “End of Warranty” is the conclusion of your defibrillators manufacturing warranty. This means that your device is no longer covered by the company which manufactured your AED, and will not be liable for replacement or repair, should it encounter any issues.

Should I twist or stick?

Whether you stick with the device you have for a few more years or replace with a new AED is completely up to you. Whilst the AED should still be fully functional following its warranty end, any repair costs you may encounter to ensure your device will work when it’s needed most can accumulate up to the same cost as a brand-new defibrillator.

As the only definitive treatment for cardiac arrest, it is vital as the owner of an AED to ensure your device is working just as it should and can be used to help save the life in the event of an emergency.

What are the risks?

The potential risk following an end of warranty is the chance of your AED not performing effectively when needed in a rescue.

You will be made aware of any maintenance issues during the defibrillators routine self-check tests, however, should an error occur with your unit during a rescue, the consequences could result in a fatality.

Anything else I should know?

To ensure your investment is working exactly as it should, we recommend a regular AED Compliance Check as well as a yearly AED Health Check.

A yearly health check will ensure your defibrillator is working exactly as it should with a full comprehensive check of your unit’s functionality including the unit and its accessories. This service is carried out by one of our very own defibshop experts, who will also happily advise you on any queries you have about your life-saving device.

If you would like any additional advice on your AED’s warranty, if your AED model is about to be discontinued or to discuss your options further in the preparation of your warranty expiry, call defibshop on 0845 071 0830 where one of our helpful advisors will assist you so you can make a decision which benefits you and keeps your device rescue ready at all times.