What’s that in the defibshop office? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! It’s Survival Squad! Our newest heart-saving, first-aid-loving superhero recruits.

Survival Squad

With a goal to improve safety and heart health worldwide, we’re extremely excited to welcome the team on board. But before they can get started – they need your help!

Currently nameless, we’re looking to our followers to suggest awesome and relevant names to help bring these bright and funky characters to life.

So far we’ve picked two names from the suggestions received on social media – so let’s get you formally introduced!

Meet Pulse, the super cool cat from outer space with the power to restart a heart with a life-saving shock straight from his paw! Big thanks to Niki on Twitter for sending in this suggestion.


Next up is Kitt, the first aid-loving rabbit with the super-bunny ability to heal injuries from scalds and grazes to strains and sprains! Adam on Twitter suggested this name – and we loved it!


The third member of our team is Joules! She's an expert at delivering effective CPR and is always on hand to take over from Pulse to administer life-saving defibrillation to a victim of cardiac arrest. Big thanks to Matthew on twitter for helping us name her!


The final member of the Survival Squad is Hartley. Harley has X-Ray vision meaning he can see exactly what is wrong with a victim's heart and what type of fibrillation it is in. He aids Pulse in seeing whether a life-saving shock is needed. A big thanks to Nic on Twitter for the final name for the final member.



Be sure to keep an eye out for the adventures of the Survival Squad on our blog.

Illustrations created by Mike Hazard.

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