Dear Santa...


Dear Santa,

I’ve been so good this year, in and out of work! So, now it’s officially December, I thought getting my letter to you early might mean you have more time on your hands – I know you’re a busy man – to hear what I really want.

Unlike many others, asking for game consoles, DVDs, books and various electronics, what I want for Christmas this year is a bit different, you could even say unconventional.

I’m pretty sure not many people will ask for this item, but after the amount of awareness that’s been raised and the shocking statistics surrounding sudden cardiac arrest, I instantly knew what I wanted this year.

The item isn’t even just for me, oh no, it’s for my workplace. That way all of us are protected, and if you’re feeling kind, you might even send more than one of these items – we have various floors you see in our office and running up and down stairs can be tiring, but I’m sure you’re already aware of this.

What I want for Christmas is a defibrillator.

I would love to see your face right now. I’m sure you’re just as shocked as I am. Everything else flew off my list when I came face to face with the shocking survival statistics. You’ll probably already know this, but 12 fit and healthy young people will die every week due to undiagnosed cardiac problems. Defibrillators are the lifeline people need when suffering any cardiac event.

I don’t want 270 children to die every year because of sudden cardiac arrest; they have their whole lives ahead of them. No one knows what any of their futures hold because they’re gone too soon when really they could have been saved with effective CPR and a defibrillator!

Knowing there’s a school down the road from our office, we’ll supply the national ambulance service with the knowledge that our defibrillators are available for public use as well as in the office.

Supplying us with a defibrillator will help tackle the survival statistics which are currently far too low for my liking, and no doubt a lot of others liking's too. Supplying us with more than one defibrillator for various locations on-site will only aid us further in achieving the 3-5 minutes treatment catchment, meaning the victims survival chance will increase from 6%-74%! Out of the two, I like the latter percentage and I’m sure you do too.     

So, now you know what I would like, I hope I find a defibrillator or two hung, ready for use at work in January.

Thanks Santa,

Merry Christmas.

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