Could your business handle a medical emergency?


Sudden Cardiac Arrests (SCA), strokes, heart attacks and many other serious medical emergencies claim lives everyday. There are around 30,000 Sudden Cardiac Arrests outside of the hospital every year and because we spend so much time at work, it’s important we have access to lifesaving equipment while we’re there.


We conducted a survey of UK businesses to see how they felt about handling medical incidents in their workplace. The results may surprise you:

Less than 50% of businesses feel confident handling a medical emergency


Only 49% of businesses in our survey said they feel confident enough to handle a medical emergency. With most of us spending an average of eight hours a day at work, it’s a worrying statistic.

98% have first aid boxes on their premises


Whilst businesses might not be confident in handling medical emergencies such as SCA or strokes, nearly all of the survey respondents are equipped with first aid boxes. For many workplaces, a first aid kit is a legal requirement containing supplies to handle most minor medical incidents.

78% of workplaces have three or more first-aid trained staff


The number of trained first-aiders will vary from business to business, dependent on the nature of the business and company size. However, over three quarters of those surveyed have three or more first-aid trained staff to look after any medical incidents and ensure a safe workplace.

55% of businesses put off buying a defibrillator by cost


Having a defibrillator in the workplace is another step to ensuring a safe workplace, yet nearly half of those surveyed said the cost of this equipment put them off purchasing one. However, there are many affordable AED options for your business, including leasing.

Defibrillators are “necessary” and “essential” for business


Many of those surveyed described having an AED on their business premises as important; with some even going so far as to describe them as an “essential” for their company.

Businesses want staff to feel safe at work and we can help

Business owners in our survey described their reasons for investing in lifesaving equipment as wanting to make their staff feel valued and safe when at work. Whilst having a defibrillator on your work premises is above what is legally required, anyone is at risk of a SCA regardless of their age, gender or lifestyle.

If you’re considering buying a defibrillator for your workplace or investing in AED training, read our guide for businesses or contact the defibshop team on 0845 071 030 (8am-6pm Monday to Thursday; 8:30am-5pm Friday).

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