Zoe’s Diary Entry #4 Six Weeks and Counting!


Hello readers, here we have the fourth instalment of my pregnancy diary with defibshop.co.uk!

I am increasingly becoming more and more excited to meet my baby girl; although I will miss the feeling of her moving around. Every twist and kick gives me butterflies and makes me smile, and with one wriggly baby, I spend the majority of my day grinning from ear to ear. I haven’t got long to wait now, just 6 more weeks.

The pregnancy as a whole has been great. I didn’t enjoy the spells of morning sickness at the start but thankfully they have passed. I am quite looking forward to being able to train at full intensity again; I feel a bit useless at the moment not being able to do any heavy lifting, it’s not that I can’t lift heavy items such as shopping bags and furniture, it’s not safe for me to do so, not right now anyway.

Training has definitely become a lot harder since last time I checked in. I got out of breath walking across the car park the other day (with the baby pressing on my diaphragm) so I have been taking it easy. The focus is now on more gentle exercises such as swimming, indoor biking, some body weight exercises and yoga.

There have also been plenty of goings-on in the world of sport to keep me occupied. What a fantastic performance by Wales in the Euros and I am also very proud of Andy Murray on his win at Wimbledon. It has made me really excited for the next major sporting event – the Rio Olympics.

I love everything about the Olympics and competing in them has only intensified that feeling. I can’t be there in person to watch obviously but I will be watching as much as I can on TV. I checked and my due date is the same day of the men’s triathlon, there’s got to be some sort of comparison I can make between labour and a triathlon.

I am pleased to report that the GBX trial last week in Braehead went really well and that’s that last one before our bundle of joy arrives. The next date to jot down in your diaries is Saturday 17th September when the next trail will be taking place at the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead. At just one month old our little girl won’t be quite ready to whiz down the slopes, but maybe she can play with the defibshop beach ball instead? I always keep it in the boot of my car ready for a throw about if the opportunity arises.


I am also looking forward to completing our Level 3 Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid (QCF) with defibshop.co.uk & imperative next week. I love being able to refresh my skills and any chance to have a catch up with their Training Manager Mark is great fun!

Well, that’s all for now, but stay tuned for some adorable baby photos in the coming months!


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