Zoe's Diary Entry #3 Life's a Beach....ball!


Hi there readers and welcome back to my third exclusive diary entry in collaboration with defibshop.co.uk!

By the time you read this I will have reached the 30 week mark of my pregnancy, I’m almost 7 months gone now and I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone!


I’m currently writing this from the Isle of Man where I’m visiting my parents and brother who I haven’t had the chance to catch up with for a couple of months. Last time they saw me my bump was hardly showing, now I’m almost at waddling stage and they can’t stop smiling at how much I’ve grown.

My training is very similar since the last time I checked in, the only difference? I can no longer go all the way down when I do press ups as my tummy touches the floor when I’m only about half way down haha!

My body has got its work cut out what with my training as well as helping my baby grow so I always make sure to give myself plenty of rest, I’m currently managing 12 hours of sleep a night!

I also have to up my food intake to keep my energy levels up. I’m currently in my third trimester I’m eating an extra 300 calories a day to make sure both me and baby are getting the nutrients we need.

Now that summer is approaching I can’t wait to use my defibshop beach ball! While I’ve been staying in Isle of Man there’s a big motorbike race running here called the TT, we’ve been watching the bikes race along the beach followed by a display by the red arrows – the beach ball is a great addition for some post-watching volley ball!

The defibshop beach ball is in association with their #defibworld80 campaign which takes place over on their twitter page and will feature defibrillators found all over the world! I sent a picture in of my very own life-saving AED which I took along with me to Hintertux, Austria and can’t wait to see it take pride of place in the defibshop gallery!


The latest Mitsubishi Ski & Snowboard Cross (GBX) National Trails ran in Norfolk and Hemel Hempstead and both went really well! Norfolk’s event was held at the Norfolk Snowsport Club which is a dry slope so it was great to be outdoors watching some fantastic talent.

Hemel’s trial was at the Snowdome and was a sold out event! With 50 athletes it was a very busy but successful day with lots of great skiers and snowboarders there too.

The next set of trials 2016 will be held on the 25th and 26th of June in Leeds, it’s such an exciting competition to be a part of – there’s so much talent with every trial and I can’t wait to update you on the next set.

Well that’s about all the updates I have for you so far! I’m not going to lie, the beach is calling my name and I want to take advantage of these warm days while they last!

Keep your eyes peeled for my next diary entry and I hope you have a fantastic day.


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