Scandalous: The UK vs Sweden


There is a big difference between heart health in the UK and heart health in the Scandinavian countries, most notably Sweden.

Sweden's healthcare is among the best in the world; over there they have a plentiful supply of doctors and nurses, state of the art technology, and spend more money on their healthcare than any other country in Europe.

As well as this, over the past twenty years, the country has introduced exceptional prevention methods when it comes to people suffering from Sudden Cardiac Arrests – from mass CPR training to the introduction of “SMS Lifesavers”. This has led to twice as many people now surviving Sudden Cardiac Arrests in Sweden than did twenty years ago.

The below infographic takes a look at statistics about heart health and SCAs in the UK and in Sweden, including:

  • How many out-of-hospital SCAs occur in each country per year
  • The percentage of people who are comfortable performing CPR
  • How long it takes for ambulances to arrive
  • Survival rates


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