defibshop’s Heart Healthy Aims for #NationalHeartMonth


If you weren’t already aware, for the whole of February we’re raising awareness for National Heart Month 2017.

No doubt you’ll have seen our social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram being filled with the hashtag ‘#NationalHeartMonth’; so, as promised, we’re going behind the scenes to find out what some of our team members plan to do to improve their heart health this February.


Over Christmas I got a little puppy, called Harley – if you didn’t know, I’m a huge Harley Quinn fan; you can even find a mini version of her on my desk in the office!

I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a couch potato; I love reading, so when I finish work, I’ll go home, sit on the couch and probably have my head in a book for the rest of the evening. But since Harley had her puppy vaccinations, I can finally start taking her out for walks.

It’s quite lucky that her first walk fell just at the start of National Heart Month, so for the whole of February and the coming months, I intend to go on at least one 20-30 minute walk with her every day. Regular walking can significantly reduce the chances of a heart attack, as well as lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and increase HDL (good) cholesterol.

By taking my puppy on walks, not only will I be enjoying myself and making sure Harley is a healthy pug, but I’ll also be looking after my heart! I’m sure I can pick up from where I left off in my book...


Outside of work, I love going for a run or partaking in some yoga. I’m a big fitness fanatic and will always try to ensure that I do some description of exercise on a regular basis.

For National Heart Month I aim to continue on with my regular fitness routine - despite the niggling ankle injury I have - whilst trying to inspire those around me to get involved too.

As well as being a fitness fanatic, I’m also a massive foodie and love to cook, so for the duration of February I’m going to be cooking more meals for my family to give them food that’s not only delicious (even if I do say so myself...) but packed full of nutrients and vitamins that will help keep a healthy heart.


Since the New Year, I’ve purchased some pretty pink kettlebells that have become part of my daily exercise routine. One of my goals for National Heart Month is to ensure I keep up the 20 minutes of exercise that I’ve introduced into my daily routine as part of my New Year’s Resolution. Whether that exercise is some yoga, a power-walk or various kettlebell exercises I definitely want to keep up the new part of my routine.

Also, sometime in February, I want to get my heart screened to ensure that it’s in tip-top condition and can cope with my continual exercises. The heart is one of our most vital organs and if I’m not looking after it, then the likelihood is that it won’t be able to look after me.

My third and final goal is to exchange the cakes for fruit and other healthier food choices and now that it’s National Heart Month, there’s no better time to do this! I’m going to be incorporating more heart healthy options into my diet, so more protein and greens will be making their way onto my plate for the foreseeable future.

Feeling Inspired

Are you feeling inspired now you know now you know some of the defibshop team’s goals for National Heart Month? Hopefully, you are.

Changes aren’t easy, especially so early in the year, but these changes will benefit our team in the long-term.

Drop us a comment below and let us know what your intentions are for National Heart Month. Or, alternatively, why not head on over to our Twitter @defibshop, join in the conversation and let us know what you’re doing to raise awareness for National Heart Month.

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