Defibrillator: The Ultimate Heart Protector


Everyone has their own favourite hero. Whether that be a superhero with out-of-this-world powers or an everyday hero who knows how to save a life with CPR.

So, with National Heart Month in mind, we’ve decided to share with you, our favourite bunch of life-savers. Not quite as large a team as The Avengers, but just as powerful in saving a life!

Zoll AED 3

This specific defibrillator device might be small, but is strikingly bright green and certainly packs just as much punch as the fearsome Hulk.

This device is easily recognisable in the event of a cardiac emergency and assists the user with the easy to follow voice and visual prompts, guiding them through each stage of the required treatment.

Despite being just as tough and powerful as The Hulk with an IP of 55, the Zoll AED 3 is also capable of delivering life-saving treatment to a child with the flick of a switch. There’s no need to insert a child key or change electrode pads with this device; this saves precious time which can be spent on delivering treatment to the child in need.

The Zoll AED 3 goes one step better than The Hulk with the implementation of Real CPR Help. Many people know that CPR is crucial for saving a life, but are sometimes not confident enough to even try. This technology delivers on-the-spot feedback and provides guidance to deliver compressions that meet the current guidelines, ensuring the most effective CPR is being delivered to the patient.

Philips FRx and HS1

These two devices work just as well separately as they do when they’re kept together. Similarly to the Maximoff Twins, Quiksilver and Scarlet Witch, these two defibrillators are a real team.

The Philips Laerdal FRx is small, but boasts wireless transmission capabilities, similar to those of Scarlet Witch. Unlike other defibrillators, which require wires and USB’s, there is no need for wires to transmit cardiac arrest event data to a PC as it can all be done wirelessly; ensuring the data you need is stored with ease.

The first 15 minutes of ECG, the entire incident’s events and the analysis decisions are all stored and can then be passed onto the Resuscitation Council UK for their analysis and use.

Simplicity may not seem like a feature to boast about, but for the Philips HS1, it’s definitely something to shout about. With the simplicity of the HS1 comes the speed, which in our eyes can only be compared to that of Quicksilver’s. Sure, it might not be supersonic, but it sure does assist the user in delivering that life-saving treatment faster than other devices.

The Quick Shock ability of this device allows the treatment to be delivered rapidly after CPR, should a shock be required. We know for sure this is a device Quicksilver would be proud of.

Defibtech Lifeline AED

The Defibtech Lifeline AED has been tested in the most hostile of environments and has even been tested to US military standards. It has been described as ‘weatherproof’ and will function regardless of where you are and what conditions you’re in.

The Lifeline AED can be described as rugged and durable and has been created to withstand dust and water. The military testing included shocks and vibration testing; we’re confident when we say that this is the one and only defibrillator that could probably withstand a hit from Thor’s Hammer.

This defibrillator is one of the few which is a self-contained device and has a carry handle at the top, making it perfect to transport.

So, speaking of The God of Thunder and his antics of world hopping from Earth to Asgard, this would be our defibrillator of choice to take on the hardships and trauma of word travel and Avenger-style battles.

Physio Control Lifepak CR2

The fifth and final defibrillator to be noted as one of our favourite ultimate heart protectors is the Physio Control Lifepak CR2. This is the defibrillator we consider the ring leader and the ‘Professor X’ of our choices.

Like Professor X’s abilities of reading minds, the Lifepak CR2’s AED program management system, LIFELINKcentral™ can read the minds of all defibrillators connected, ensuring that they’re in a rescue ready state, should they be required in an emergency. AED maintenance has never been simpler or more accurate as there is no chance of human – or mutant – error.

Also, the new feature of CPRInsight™ assists the rescuer by coaching them on their CPR, similarly to Professor X’s mutant coaching in the Institute for Higher Learning. Whilst he ensures his mutants and X-Men are in check with rules, regulations and guidelines, CPRInsight™ ensures your delivery of CPR is in check with the latest HSE guidelines.

Power Up

Our team may not be as big or as well known as The Avengers, but you never know, one of them could help you to save a life. In our eyes, there’s no bigger hero than that.

If you need more information about the devices that have featured in this blog, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with the defibshop team.

Simply call, 0845 071 0830 and one of our friendly experts will point you in the right direction of a life-saving device suited to your needs.

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