Independent AED study sees Lifeline VIEW come out on top


An independent defibrillator study has revealed that the Defibtech Lifeline VIEW defibrillator to be the best defibrillator on the market for trained and non-trained AED users.

The survey, carried out by Centric First Aid Training, has indicated that the Lifeline VIEW came out top dogs with tests including ease of use, ‘Power to Shock’ speed, waist drop test, stairs roll test and quality of CPR.

And whilst the testing sample was small in terms of defibrillators and users monitored, it has highlighted that the Lifeline VIEW defibrillator is an exceptional defibrillator device.

The Lifeline VIEW is the only defibrillator on the market to utilise a fully functional colour screen system to help untrained defibrillator users through the rescue process, from CPR technique to providing defibrillator treatment.

The defibrillator combines military-grade specifications with a sleek, user-friendly design with rubber handles and sides for protection against drops and impact damage – which obviously did its job throughout testing!

• Average time (Power to Shock) – 40.6 seconds, with competing defibrillators coming in at 66.7, 67, 76.6 and 89.4 seconds respectively.
• Quality of CPR – 100% Good, competing defibrillators coming in at 90%, 60%, 60% and 50% ‘Good’ respectively.

‘The Defibtech Lifeline VIEW gave the best outcome of all devices when it came to instruction of rescuers. The operator was able to hear, and see, clearly, what was required of them, and to act accordingly.

‘In basic drop tests, the device proved itself to be robust and stable, and to still be in a position of operation.

‘It is felt that in low light conditions or those where the scene is chaotic, the device would be still able to guide the rescuer to act. In high noise situations, the video screen is a superb addition which only enhances the outcome for the casualty.’

All AED’s were tested in exactly the same manner 10 times, with 10 different individuals (total of 25 volunteers, 25 first aid students) plus 2 professional responders using the device with prior knowledge.

Defibshop Manager Lindsay Atherton said: “We’ve always considered the Defibtech Lifeline VIEW defibrillator to be one of the best available on the market. The inclusion of a full colour screen is a great benefit to untrained defibrillator users in an emergency situation.

‘However every defibrillator has its key features and we consider the customers overall status before determining which defibrillator best suits them. Environment, training and cost are all considered when determining the right defibrillator unit for each of our customers and clients.’

You can find more information on the Defibtech Lifeline VIEW defibrillator or any other AED models via our website. Alternatively you can contact the defibshop team by calling 0845 071 0830 or by filling out our contact form and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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