5 Benefits of an AED MOT


Oops! Looks like you’ve forgotten to take your car in for its annual service. Should you take a risk and drive it anyway? No, of course you shouldn’t. Why would you compromise your safety by using something you aren’t sure is working to the best of its ability or safe to use?

The same applies for automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

Because, similarly to getting your car MOT’d, regularly checking your defibrillator is essential to ensuring all of its unique features and functions are working exactly as they should be.

But, what steps should you take to make sure your device is ready for an emergency?

Well, lucky for you, defibshop offer a full and comprehensive AED MOT whereby a member of our team will visit your workplace or desired location to carry out an extensive check of your life-saving device and give it our professional seal of approval.

Before you arrange that though, look below to our informative infographic to discover the 5 Benefits of checking in for an AED Healthcheck.



What’s next? Well, simply tick off the points above or read the rest of our blog to ensure you’re make the most of your life-saving device. Also, be sure to call our team on 0845 071 0830 for advice.

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