Construction Chaos: Onsite Safety


Recent statistics from the HSE indicate that there were 30 fatal injuries to workers in the construction industry in the past year. These numbers account for almost 22% of all workplace deaths in the UK.

As construction workers are constantly faced with high-risk and dangerous situations, it's vital that employers ensure they create a safe working environment for all members of staff.

There are many dangers that construction workers can face – such as falling from heights and electric faults but there are plenty of actionable things employers and employees can do to stay safe.

Another important factor for employers to be prepared for is sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), due to a high-risk of heart attacks and electrocution. Having a defibrillator on a construction site can have a dramatic increase in the chance of someone surviving from SCA.

Take a look at the infographic below, and see what you can do to ensure your construction site is safe to work on, thus reducing the risk of an accident or injury.


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