• Extreme sports are called extreme for a reason – they often come with an increased risk of danger. Different extreme sports include elevated heights, increased speeds and dangerous terrain, so knowing how to stay safe is of paramount importance. [...]

  • It’s April, the sun is (occasionally) shining and we can officially confirm that spring is upon us, it’s no surprise to find that there’s definitely a ‘spring’ in quite a few people’s steps here at defibshop. [...]

  • AEDs in the Gym

    For a few of us here at defibshop, going to the gym or participating in some form of exercise is part of our routine. Whether it’s on a daily basis or allotted days of the week, you’ll always find at least one of our staff members hitting the gym. [...]

  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest - that's the condition which only affects the elderly isn't it? That preys on those which live an unhealthy lifestyle? Similar to a heart attack?

    Wrong. [...]

  • Marathons; they’re not for everyone. Running over 26 miles in one go really does take some dedication. For many runners nowadays, running a marathon – even if it’s just the one - is the ultimate goal. [...]

  • David Ginola has said he is “feeling fine” following a quadruple heart bypass operation. The 49-year-old suffered a cardiac arrest whilst playing football in Mandelieu, southern France on the 19th of May where he was attending a celebrity golf tournament.