• The Black Panther of Defibs

    Here at defibshop HQ, there are quite a few Marvel fans and we couldn’t help but think that after the release of Black Panther, we’re only a matter of months away from Avengers: Infinity War where we’ll get to see all of Marvel’s heroes come together and defend the universe from Thanos.

  • How the Heart Works

    Without a doubt, your heart is one of the most important organs in the human body. 

  • Recently, the final instalment of The Maze Runner trilogy hit our cinemas and gave us an ending that helped tie up any loose ends and answer any unanswered questions from its previous stories, the Scorch Trails, and The Maze Runner.

  • National Heart Month Goals

    For the duration of February, we’re going to be raising awareness of the British Heart Foundation’s awareness initiate, National Heart Month.

  • For many people, looking after their heart isn’t the top of their priority list, but incorporating just a few heart healthy tricks into your day-to-day schedule really can help you on the way to improving your heart health. [...]

  • Love is definitely in the air. Suddenly we’re seeing red roses, fluffy teddy bears and the smell of chocolate popping up from all angles, which can only mean one thing... [...]

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