Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Children: The Survey


Running alongside our current ‘Back 2 School’ defibrillator offer we have been conducting a survey regarding sudden cardiac arrest and defibrillators in schools.

We’re hoping to gain greater knowledge of the schools your children attend in attempt to help raise awareness of cardiac arrest in the young and the need for more defibrillators in schools for the protection of young people.

We’re also looking to see what the general public’s thoughts are on first aid and defibrillator training and whether people feel that training should be incorporated into the curriculum at Primary and Secondary schools so that;

  • All teachers are fully qualified and able to perform basic first aid skills along with defibrillator knowledge and training on the equipment which is within the school.
  • All school children are trained in basic first aid skills along with knowledge of how to operate a defibrillator.
  • Survival figures in the future should rise given that more children are leaving school with a key skill and more teachers are able to assist any child that suffers a cardiac arrest in school.

Currently, 12 young people die every week in UK due to sudden cardiac arrest whilst a massive 270 children a year die in schools from a cardiac event.

This is one of the major reasons for encouraging all schools to bring first aid and defibrillator training into their curriculum, for the safety and well being of all who attend a school.

At the time of writing, our survey results are showing some interesting figures with over 95% of people agreeing that the government should bring in a law to make it mandatory that all schools have a defibrillator on site.

Further to this, over 90% of people feel that both teachers and children should be taught mandatory first aid and defibrillator training as a way of progressing society from a younger age. This would mean in the subsequent years, there would inevitably be more qualified first aiders and a greater percentage of people would be comfortable using a defibrillator.

Other key results so far indicate that over 61% of people didn’t know that, on average, 270 children will die at school each year from sudden cardiac arrest. Approximately 45% of people say the school their child attends does not have a defibrillator; a further 31% are unsure, meaning a mere 24% know that there is a defib on site.

So far it appears that the general public are looking for more training to be provided to both the teachers at the schools their children attend whilst wanting their child to receive first aid and defibrillator training also.

For more information you can view our CPR and AED training courses on our website and if you have any further questions you could always contact the defibshop team on our Freephone number 0800 470 4847.

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