• The importance of defibrillators in schools is paramount, but sadly cardiac arrest in children often gets overlooked as many people assume only adults are at risk. Unfortunately, this is not the case: [...]

  • Just over a year ago, Conservative MPs blocked the Compulsory Emergency First Aid Education Bill to bring in compulsory First Aid training in schools. The bill was prevented from going further by ‘filibustering’ – a term used to describe when MPs talk non-stop until the time to discuss the bill and vote, runs out. [...]

  • Dear Santa...

    Dear Santa,

    I’ve been so good this year, in and out of work! So, now it’s officially December, I thought getting my letter to you early might mean you have more time on your hands – I know you’re a busy man – to hear what I really want.

    Unlike many others, asking for game consoles, DVDs, books and various electronics, what I want for Christmas this year is a bit different, you could even say unconventional. [...]

  • It’s that time of year again! No sooner than summer starts does it feel like we’re back to sharpening our pencils, buying new lunchboxes and ironing out the shirt creases before sending our little ones back for another school year.

    But wait...what’s that? Your school doesn’t have a defibrillator?!


  • When it comes to schools and finding the perfect establishment to send your child to, there’s a certain checklist you abide by when choosing, right?

    You consider the curriculum for the year, what topics and subjects will be covered, average exam scores, what facilities are provided and so on.

    But in your many considerations before deciding on a specific school, where does an accessible defibrillator and first aid trained staff rank? [...]

  • First Aid, how important is it to you?

    Well, as a skill set that can potentially save lives and reduce long-term injury, we’re hoping its pretty high on your list of priorities. But just in case it’s not, in this article we’ll be exploring just how beneficial first aid can be when taught from an early age, and how this can affect our communities positively for future years.


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