• Ian's Story of Survival

    Ian Davies went to the gym like any other day and started his workout on the treadmill like always. Except, this workout wouldn’t be like any other workout Ian had done in his life. Sadly, during this workout, Ian fell victim to Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

  • October 10th marks the annual World Mental Health Day, recognised by the World Health Organisation. [...]

  • Recently, Apple held it’s very first Keynote event in the all-new Steve Jobs theatre at their new Apple Park complex in Cupertino, California. [...]

    Every year, people countdown to the reveal of the new Apple products that will hit stores and the available updates for their current devices that always offer some form of new features.

  • Know Your Numbers Week

    It’s Know Your Numbers week! Every year, Blood Pressure UK run a campaign that encourages us to ‘Know Your Numbers’ by getting your blood pressure checked. The flagship campaign has been running from 18-24th September this year and is the UK’s biggest blood pressure testing event and awareness week. [...]

  • Here at defibshop HQ we have quite a few die-hard Game of Thrones fans, and with the season finale fast approaching, we couldn’t help but think how after Monday’s episode, we’ll only have 6 episodes until we know who will rule the Seven Kingdoms. [...]

  • Do I Need an AED?

    Alongside CPR, defibrillators are part of the definitive treatment for a casualty who has fallen victim to sudden cardiac arrest. These devices deliver a high energy shock to the casualty’s heart in the effort to restart it, allowing it to enter back into a regular rhythm. [...]