• Do I Need an AED?

    Alongside CPR, defibrillators are part of the definitive treatment for a casualty who has fallen victim to sudden cardiac arrest. These devices deliver a high energy shock to the casualty’s heart in the effort to restart it, allowing it to enter back into a regular rhythm. [...]

  • Sun and heat come hand in hand, and with the heat, you need to be careful and think about how it’ll affect your body – especially your blood pressure. [...]

  • Heart Safe Holidays

    July has officially arrived and it’ll only be a matter of time before the kids break up for their summer holidays and your packing your cases for your summer holiday!

  • With the weather taking a turn for the better – occasionally (well, it is England!) The summer months are officially in our sight and it’ll only be a matter of time before you’ll find us relaxing in the garden in the hopes of catching some rays.

  • You may have heard of the sleeping condition Sleep Apnoea, but there are many who are unaware as to what it is and how it affects its sufferers.