• Ian's Story of Survival

    Ian Davies went to the gym like any other day and started his workout on the treadmill like always. Except, this workout wouldn’t be like any other workout Ian had done in his life. Sadly, during this workout, Ian fell victim to Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

  • Last week, we said goodbye to the Great British Bake Off for one more year and along with that, we’ve had to say goodbye to all the delicious delights that become a regular occurrence on the show.

  • We’ve come to the end of October and have entered into the penultimate month of the year. But, before we turn our attention to November and what comes with November, we’ve decided to cover something that the other side of the Atlantic have been covering throughout October… Sudden Cardiac Awareness Month. [...]

  • Every day, defibrillators are used to save the lives of those who have suffered a cardiac arrest. Unlike other cardiac, medical emergencies, cardiac arrest does not discriminate who it attacks, regardless of aspects such as age, gender, current health condition or ethnicity. These aspects do not factor when determining the cause of a cardiac arrest.

  • Tony's Story of Survival

    On the 26th April 2017, Tony Hill from Renaker Build, started his shift like every other day at 6.30am.  Except this day was different. On this day, Tony suffered a life-threatening cardiac arrest. [...]

  • Restart A Heart Day 2017

    Restart A Heart Day is an action day that embodies one of the main things defibshop is all about… teaching CPR. [...]