• The importance of available defibrillators and quick-thinking CPR came to light on Tuesday 12th September when we saw EastEnders commence a new storyline.

    Kush Kazemi suffered a sudden cardiac arrest, although fortunately, an AED was present on the square, allowing treatment to be administered right away!

    The sequence of events left people fearing for Kush’s life however, viewers were able to breathe a sigh of relief after Thursday nights’ episode showed that he was recovering in hospital. [...]

  • A cardiac arrest is caused by an electrical malfunction in the heart which prevents blood from being circulated around the body. A cardiac arrest can occur at any time or place, often with no warning and can affect anyone regardless of their age or health condition. When a cardiac arrest occurs, the heart goes into fibrillation which causes the victim to collapse. [...]

  • Northern eCommerce Awards 2017

    We are proud to announce that defibshop have been shortlisted for the B2B Ecommerce Website of the Year award. The North is home to some of the UK’s leading eCommerce businesses so we feel incredibly honoured to be recognised and shortlisted within this category. [...]

  • It’s easy to overlook things we don’t believe in or think are unneeded, that’s exactly what happened with the Harmon family when they moved into the now famously known Murder House in Season 1 of American Horror Story. [...]

  • As September draws nearer and nearer, the new school year draws closer too.

    Now, as the colder and later months' approach, this means the clocks will go back and nights will start to draw in earlier and earlier as the days pass. [...]

  • Here at defibshop HQ we have quite a few die-hard Game of Thrones fans, and with the season finale fast approaching, we couldn’t help but think how after Monday’s episode, we’ll only have 6 episodes until we know who will rule the Seven Kingdoms. [...]