• Extreme sports are called extreme for a reason – they often come with an increased risk of danger. Different extreme sports include elevated heights, increased speeds and dangerous terrain, so knowing how to stay safe is of paramount importance. [...]

  • On Saturday 5th November at Cadishead Sports Junior Football Club’s home ground, referee Steve Smith had kicked off the under-10’s football match as normal. However, 10 minutes in, with no prior symptoms or complaints, Steve collapsed to the ground. [...]

  • Debdale Bowling and Social Club have recently added a defibrillator to their club, following the receipt of a grant from their council awarded by local councillor Julie Reid.

    Councillor Reid chose this worthwhile cause as it was one close to her heart, with her father having passed away in May 2017. Having recovered from a heart attack when he was 59, Derek Hinds had retired and was a keen bowler, and had gone to his local bowling green on the day he passed. [...]

  • Chanterlands Crematorium received their defibrillator from defibshop, bought as part of an order for Hull City Council earlier this year. The defibrillator, which is a Heartsine Samaritan Pad 360P, had only been delivered to the premises 2 weeks before a gentleman suffered a cardiac arrest while attending his father’s funeral. [...]

  • On Monday 20th November, a 75-year-old woman was attending a regular hygienist appointment at Clifton Dental Practice when she became unresponsive in the chair.

    Principle dentist Paul White retrieved the defibrillator and began the rescue process. Along with his colleague, Paul administered life-saving CPR which paired with a shock from the defibrillator, brought the woman back to responsiveness. [...]

  • Unlike other cardiac events and conditions that take age, gender, your current health condition and ethnicity into consideration when determining the cause, Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) has no prior symptoms and does not discriminate who it attacks. Sadly, no one is immune, meaning both children and adults alike can fall victim. [...]