• Every day, defibrillators are used to save the lives of those who have suffered a cardiac arrest. Unlike other cardiac, medical emergencies, cardiac arrest does not discriminate who it attacks, regardless of aspects such as age, gender, current health condition or ethnicity. These aspects do not factor when determining the cause of a cardiac arrest.

  • On the 26th April 2017, Tony Hill from Renaker Build, started his shift like every other day at 6.30am.  Except this day was different. On this day, Tony suffered a life-threatening cardiac arrest. [...]

  • Restart A Heart Day 2017

    Restart A Heart Day is an action day that embodies one of the main things defibshop is all about… teaching CPR. [...]

  • This week we celebrate National Curry Week and if you ask around the defibshop office, Indian takeaways and homemade curries are definitely a favourite among the team. [...]

  • October 10th marks the annual World Mental Health Day, recognised by the World Health Organisation. [...]

  • Recently, Apple held it’s very first Keynote event in the all-new Steve Jobs theatre at their new Apple Park complex in Cupertino, California. [...]

    Every year, people countdown to the reveal of the new Apple products that will hit stores and the available updates for their current devices that always offer some form of new features.